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High Performance

Outdoor Gear


A fundamental founding principle of Phunkshun Wear is to make products that provide technical benefits to the user. Looking good isn’t enough, our products need to deliver uncompromising value and benefits to you, our customers. This mantra is what drives our product development and is a guiding light to produce the highest performance, most sustainable, USA-Made facemasks on the market today. Stay dry, comfortable, and enjoy more time recreating outside with Phunkshun Wear.
  • Advanced moisture wicking to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable

    Fibers made with Sorbtek® wick moisture up to three times faster than other fibers—so moisture moves away and evaporates quicker, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Moisture-wicking Sorbtek® technology keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable using their Catch-Move-Release™ superior moisture management system to catch moisture, move it away from the skin, and release it to the keep you drier, faster.

  • Renewably Sourced Plant-Based Textile Repellent

    Bio-Based ECODWR finish is a PFC-Free non-fluorinated stain repellent technology that repels water and water-based stains. The finish can be applied to a variety of fabrics without impacting feel or breathability. Bio-Based ECODWR finish is also up to three times more durable than other non-fluorinated, water-repellent finishes. Because many of its ingredients can be regrown and replaced over time, its production leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Microfleece for increased comfort and warmth

    Premium polyester yarns are used for their hydrophobic properties, to repel moisture and speed dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth, and still allow optimal breathability. Polartec® was the first to knit, nap, and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric for outdoor apparel. Polyester fibers were engineered for more versatile durability. With greater resiliency, lightweight warmth and fast dry times, Polartec® fleece remains the industry standard for outerwear performance.

  • Lightweight Luxe Thermal Warmth

    Polartec® High Loft™ takes fleece comfort and thermal warmth to greater heights. By creating a patented high loft fiber structure, this material is ultra soft and highly compressible. Extended polyester yarns create large air pockets to retain more thermal warmth, while keeping this insulation lightweight. High Loft™ has the greatest warmth to weight ratio of all Polartec® fleece fabric technologies. The body’s natural warmth is contained in thermal air pockets constructed from precision knit, napped, and sheared polyester. High Loft™ consists of hydrophobic yarns that repel moisture and speed dry times. This symmetrical design is not only soft, but also reduces surface friction for versatile layering options.

UPF 50+

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with our UPF 50+ rated fabric. Blocks over 98% of UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.

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Helmet Friendly

Our Ballerclavas® are designed to fit nicely under a helmet and provide additional comfort, warmth, and protection as an added barrier between you and the cold.

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Treated to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria by utilizing stay fresh technology to control odor and promote good hygiene.

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Easy Breathe

We source fabrics that breathe, well, because it's pretty darn important. We refuse to use cut holes in our products that create hygiene issues and direct cold air into your mouth.

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Moving moisture through wicking fabric increases comfort by helping keep you dry and regulating temperature

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4-Way Stretch

Form fitting when it needs to be, stretchy and expandable when it needs to be. Fits a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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Many of our products use fabric that has been treated with a durable water repellency coating to increase hydrophobic characteristics of the fabric fibers. Water repellant fabric is less likely to freeze due to reduced water saturation.

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Max Wicking

The ultimate in moisture management, superior wicking action for faster drying fabric.

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Polartec® Fleece

We use the best fleece available on the market, Polartec® Micro Fleece and Polartec® High Loft Fleece, to deliver outstanding warmth and quality.

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