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Performance features built into every product we make.

Sustainable Outdoor Gear That Performs

Don’t compromise when picking out your gear. There are many benefits to using quality, technical, performance-focused products, stay on hill longer and more comfortable than ever before!

4-Way Stretch

Form fitting when it needs to be, stretchy and expandable when it needs to be. Fits a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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Many of our products use fabric that has been treated with a durable water repellency coating to increase hydrophobic characteristics of the fabric fibers. Water repellant fabric is less likely to freeze due to reduced water saturation.

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Treated to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria by utilizing stay fresh technology to control odor and promote good hygiene.

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Easy Breathe

We source fabrics that breathe, well, because it's pretty darn important. We refuse to use cut holes in our products that create hygiene issues and direct cold air into your mouth.

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Helmet Friendly

Our Ballerclavas® are designed to fit nicely under a helmet and provide additional comfort, warmth, and protection as an added barrier between you and the cold.

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Max Wicking

The ultimate in moisture management, superior wicking action for faster drying fabric.

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Wear it more ways than just as a gaiter! Headband, do-rag, or one of other popular methods.

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Thermo Fleece

Insulation from the cold is achieved through pockets of air between fleece fibers. The more loft, the warmer the fleece!

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UPF 50+

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with our UPF 50+ rated fabric. Blocks over 98% of UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.

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Moving moisture through wicking fabric increases comfort by helping keep you dry and regulating temperature

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