Proudly made from Repreve

The only fiber made from recycled plastic bottles that is trackable and certified. We source our recycled yarn from the industry leader, because of their dedication to transparency and quality.


Recycled in North America

Bottles are collected in the USA and recycled at into yarn at the Repreve® facility in North Carolina


A Simple Process

Bottles are collected, chopped up and then pelletized before being turned into yarn and textured


Minimal Waste

All scrap fabric we generate from the cut and sew process is collected and recycled back into fabric

Average Number Of Bottles In Each Mask

Pounds of Scrap Fabric Recycled Annually


Factory Diversion Rate

Thousand Gallons Of Water Saved



Why do we make products from recycled plastic bottles? Because we firmly believe that you don’t have to destroy the environment in order to enjoy it. Skiing and Snowboarding need cold winters and deep snowfall, and we want to be part of the solution, not just another contributor to the problem. We truly believe that its our responsibility to preserve this world for future generations.

It Doesn't Stop There

Recycled bottle fabric is just one part of what we do to contribute to a sustainable equation.
Phunkshun Wear also addresses social responsibility, locally sourcing packaging, and employee well-being.


Alternative Transportation

Employees receive financial incentives to utilize ride-share, bike, or take public transit. We also provide train and bus passes to our employees at no cost.


LEDs, LEDs Everywhere

Our entire facility was retrofitted with LED lighting to provide a better workplace for our employees and reduce our impact on the environment


Colorado Environmental Leader

The State of Colorado has recognized our sustainable efforts and awarded us the highest level certification


Giving Back

All profits from the sale of our Protect Our Winters (POW) and High Fives Foundation products are donated back to the respective foundations!


More Recycling!

Ink Waste, Plastic Shipping Bags, Print Rolls, and more are recycled instead of sent to the landfill.

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