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2024 Winter

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Performance Focused Sustainable Outdoor Gear

Gear lacking fashion, functionality, or sustainable aspects is fundamentally flawed. That's why each piece of Phunkshun Wear's Sustainable Outdoor Gear is designed, developed, and produced with all three in mind. We include technical performance features that improve the outdoor experience, integrate sustainability and eco-practices into virtually every step, and offer a diverse collection of graphic options.

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  • Plastic bottles are collected domestically, to ensure a smaller transit carbon footprint, and delivered to Repreve® in North Carolina, where they are cleaned and prepped.
  • Bottles are then chopped into small pieces called flake, which is then in turn melted and formed into small pellets called chip, to prepare for the extrusion process.
  • Chip is melted and extruded to create long pieces of yarn, and wound onto bobbins in preparation of being knitted into fabric
  • Many spools of yarn are threaded into a knitting machine, and fabric is knitted to our specifications.
Our Process