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Colorado Map Blue
Deep Rose
Marble Rosé
Rasta Lion
Snow Dragon
Snow Leopard
Sugar Skull
TieDye Black
Urban Jungle


For Every Face Covering sold we are donating one to the Colorado Mask Project. These donated face coverings are distributed to essential workers and vulnerable populations so that all Coloradans have access to protective clothing.*

As Seen In

.  We took everything we’ve learned from a decade of making snow masks and developed a functional and fashionable mask to meet the recommendations of the CDC to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

 We used a combination of braided elastic and our innovative cinchlok tension sleeves to ensure an adjustable and secure fit.

Bacteria Inhibiting

Odor Control

Sun Protection

Breathable Knit Fabric

Temperature Regulating

Moisture Management

Unsure on size?Measure from the bottom of your chin to the bridge to your nose.

Small/Medium  for <5″

Large/Extra Large for >5″

Measured 5″ exactly? We recommend you go with the Large/Extra Large. 

*A Personal Hygiene Facemask/Face covering is not an N95 or Surgical Mask. They are not a substitute for social distancing or an approved medical device. Please follow your local health department and the CDC’s recommendations for care, wearing, and cleaning of face coverings.  Phunkshun Wear is not providing face coverings to all Coloradans. PH Face Coverings must be purchased at full price to trigger donation.

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Black, Colorado Map Blue, Deep Rose, Donuts, Flamingos, Galactus, Herringbone, Lagoon, Lumberjack, Marble Rosé, Rasta Lion, Skull, Snow Dragon, Snow Leopard, Sugar Skull, TieDye Black, Urban Jungle, Worms

53 reviews for PH Face Covering

  1. Elbert Ramirez


  2. Cody C.

    These masks are great; Breathable, UV protective, and recycled. Also, props to Phunkshun for donating masks in this time and making this world just a little bit better.


    Great for corona virus protection in mandatory locations and future travel.

  4. Sandra D Smith

    Easy ordering.

  5. CW (verified owner)

    A mask well constructed with soft fabric from a local (CO) company. The elastic sliders help keep mask tight eliminating a knot as is needed with other masks. LG/XL could be a little longer in height.

  6. DB (verified owner)

    Mask are great. Fit is amazing and doesn’t bunch. Glasses don’t fog as much as other masks, super minimal.

  7. Gary S (verified owner)

    Just received my 5 masks yesterday. The family and I love them. Very lightweight and breathable.

  8. KMay (verified owner)

    Great mask; super breathable (unlike so many others) , and recycled. Ordering more. Love that if i buy one, one is donated.

  9. Dan E. (verified owner)

    Received our masks a few days ago and have worn them out to the grocery store and to pick up meals a few times. Even got a few compliments on my Colorado map mask. They are comfortable and easy to adjust, breathing feels the same walking around, haven’t been exercising anywhere I’d need a mask, but dont think they’d be anymore restrictive to breathing than any other mask.
    To everyone at Phunkshun, Thanks for what you’re doing and please stay safe while you’re doing it.

  10. Sylvia (verified owner)

    One of various masks I have purchased to keep textile business afloat. Definitely my favorite though. I appreciate the adjustable ear loops, the light weight fabric, and supporting a Colorado business. Plus, the coverage over my face leaving little room for gaps, has been one of the bigger positives. I’m immune compromised and wear a nonsurgical mask underneath, but it’s the coverage, no gaps near nose/ eyes, cheeks, or chin that gives me peace of mind. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this mask well into the year and it offers a professional look as well considering the color of material I chose. I won’t hesitate twice wearing this into a professional setting.

  11. Cassandra Sidanycz (verified owner)

    These masks are extremely well made and I’m thrilled with fabric designs. I also want to mention how fantastic the staff are. Everyone I communicated with was amazing. Thank you Phunkshun Wear!

  12. Teresa

    I finally received my masks today and LOVE THEM! I was so happy to donate some too. Please add more Denver and Colorado designs to your mix if you can.

  13. Heather White (verified owner)

    These masks are just as amazing as the rest of Phunkshunwear’s products. So comfortable, breathable and stylish! Can’t wait to order more.

  14. KEVIN DUNLAP (verified owner)

    Excellent mask, well worth waiting for the backorder to finally ship. Much easier to breath through then all cotton masks.

  15. Angela (verified owner)

    My order came today and these are by far the most comfortable, wearable masks I’ve gotten. I am claustrophobic and have been trying a bunch of different kinds and these are the best. I just wish I could order a couple more.

  16. Saray Silva (verified owner)

    Nice print and very happy with fit . Thank you !! Stay Safe

  17. Emily Allen

    I’m obsessed with this mask. I’m a tv reporter and have to wear them a lot and this is by far my favorite. It’s soft, breathable, comfortable and easy to adjust. I get a ton of compliments on it (what a strange time we are living in). Highly recommend this mask.

  18. Elizabeth Richards

    The mask I go to when I need to look nice. Comfortable, well made, easy to wear (doesn’t slip), adjustable.

  19. Roland (verified owner)

    I love my mask. The layer closest to my face is soft and surrounds my nostrils which makes me feel like it helps my nose breathing be a little safer. I am waiting to be able to order more!!

  20. Heather L.

    These are great. When will we able to order more?

  21. Lynne (verified owner)

    Great masks and company. I made a mistake with my order and they went out of their way to fix it for me.

  22. Robert H Jr (verified owner)

    These are very comfortable, stylish and yes Phunkshun perfectly! Fits the whole family. Perfect this company donated! As a ski industry professional. Ive found all their products deliver. Made in the USA.

  23. Sandy (verified owner)

    Masks are awesome. The best that I have come across ans was going to order more but everything is sold out. Hope you will still make more masks soon!

  24. Beth Notis (verified owner)

    These are the best masks ever! Totally worth the wait😷

  25. AHS (verified owner)

    Love the mask. Very functional, comfortable and fashionable. Wondering if you are still sold out or if there is a way to backorder masks?

  26. Martin (verified owner)

    I just received my mask and I LOVE it! It’s well made and it looks great!

  27. Joy (verified owner)

    Love these high quality masks! They are soft, comfortable & best of all breathable. So glad to find a company that makes sustainable masks right here in Colorado! They are reasonably priced & Phunkshun’s mask donation program is very generous. I highly recommend these PH masks!

  28. JC H (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! My friend Cody C. recommended them, and I am very happy I listened to his suggestion. Got some for the whole family, and just ordered an additional one. Great work Phunkshun, these are breathable and comfortable.

  29. Amy (verified owner)

    We had made some masks ourselves, but since this one arrived it is my go-to. Lightweight, breathable, soft, great construction…my cousin recommended I check them out, and I’m so glad he did!

  30. Kelly Sacco (verified owner)

    The PH Mask are perfect! The fit is nice conforms to face (sides don’t gap) material is soft and graphics are fun, all round well made. We purchased both PH Masks (x3) and Neck tubes (x2). Happy to support a COLORADO company!! Stay safe everyone!

  31. James R Lemmon (verified owner)

    thank you. is are great. going to get a few more

  32. James Luck


  33. Darlene Coney


  34. Shantel Piasecki (verified owner)

    I love the ph face mask! Extremely comfortable and easy to breath in

  35. Patricia (verified owner)

    I received my masks today and they are so great. So soft and well made and a Colorado company too! I recommend these highly. I’m impressed with your shipping time too. Thanks!

  36. Jeralyn (verified owner)

    I work for a Communications company and we have been deemed essential. I now have 4 Phunkshun face masks. The were received timely, exactly as described, extremely adjustable, and very comfortable. They launder and dry well. I appreciate that I buy one and one is donated. Keep up the great work.

  37. Anthony Abel-Pype

    Usually I can’t wait to get a mask off when leaving a store; however, Phunkshuns are so comfortable I left it on driving all the way home.

  38. Mark

    Website is bad, can’t login to my account. My shipping address is Incorrect and cant do simple edit

  39. Robert Eubanks

    Excellent product

  40. Jonathan S (verified owner)

    These are the best masks I’ve found! Lightweight and breathable, I love the full covering and adjustable ear piece. I can comfortably talk with out making adjustments and re-covering nose. Loved my first one so much that I bought 2 more for me and 2 for my partner. Thank you!

  41. Karen Reeves (verified owner)

    Love these face masks! They are functional, upbeat, easy to wash recycled material and fabulously are Made in America. Super kind to donate masks. Forget the sunglasses – Who is behind that gorgeous mask? Thank you Phunkshun for being there when we needed you.

  42. David Dordek (verified owner)

    Fair-good, The colors and fabric are great. Really wonderful. The fit is iffy at best. Could have been higher around the nose and more generous around the chin. You could have included a wire so that it could be fit better around the nose.

  43. Dan Baird (verified owner)

    No log in to check shipping status

  44. Traci Cullins-Clark


  45. Gloria Ruvalcaba

    My boss bought around 20 of these masks and gave me a couple. Out of all the masks I have tried I can simply say this is the best! Coverage is great, material is breathable and comfortable and most importantly straps are adjustable. Since I liked these so much I decided to buy some for my parents. I think the masks are a bit pricey but after reading that they are made out of recycled material and that you donate one mask for every mask bought I wasn’t hesitant to place an order!

  46. Sandra Nimmo (verified owner)

    I love my mask! I love the design, it fits well, is comfortable and holds up after frequent washings too… with the adjustable earpieces my middle-school aged daughters are able to wear the Small/Medium size. We will all be sporting these for the foreseeable future! So glad to support a local company that makes such a quality products and the icing on the cake is that these are made from materials that would otherwise end up in landfills! If you decide to add an X-Small size that could be used for elementary school kids then you will have 2 more little customers 😉

  47. Gabriela

    Best face masks I have purchased! Bought a couple of these for my family to wear due to Covid-19. They are by far the best fitting mask I have purchased. Also, amazing customer service! Had a problem with one of the masks and was sent a replacement. I will definitely be purchasing more from this company!

  48. Zenón (verified owner)

    The mask is comfortable but every time I talk it slips and starts to bunch up around my mouth. Other people seem to think it’s a good fit but I just end up eating mask.

  49. Hannah

    The best mask! My whole family is kitted out in Phunkshun masks-we feel safe and stylish in them. We love all the patterns and are constantly getting compliments. It’s nice to be able to protect ourselves and others while also supporting a local business that’s giving back with their one for one program. These masks are comfortable, easy to breathe in, and great fits!

  50. Vincent Diamantine (verified owner)

    Great masks, very comfortable. I had a bit of trouble with the sizing – I measured 4″ between my chin and the bridge of my nose, but the mask is sometimes pulled down by my chin when talking, so I’m going to try the LG/XL next. Still, they look so good and they’re so comfortable that I like them more than the others out there. I also received the masks a day after they were shipped, which beats waiting a month for some other masks.

  51. Michael L. (verified owner)

    I have tried dozens of L/XL masks. This one is the best. I am a man with a decent sized Italian nose and head…
    Material is soft and seems durable. Straps work well. The company is good about restocking and not just taking your money and making you wait for additional stock. I ordered two masks and just ordered 3 more.

  52. Joshy Ray (verified owner)

    We have a lot of masks, but these are our favorites. They are breathable, comfortable and look great. We get questions and compliments all the time.

    I know that looking cool isn’t important right now, but it never hurts. These masks rock!

  53. MMM (verified owner)

    Breathable, good quality fabric and very minimal fogging for glasses compared to other masks. I have to have the mask on all day at as a teacher and it’s definitely the comfiest one I’ve tried. I bought two a few weeks ago, ordering more now so I can make it through the work week. Bonus for supporting a CO company and adjustable straps. I bought ski masks for the winter too, quality looks great and can’t wait to try them out!

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