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Youth Mistral Double Tube Steinkreiger

Goldilocks would refer to this model as the one that’s ‘just right’ for an everyday conditions.

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  • Anti-Phreeze

  • Anti-Phunk

  • Easy Breathe

  • Helmet Friendly

  • Max Wicking

  • UPF 50+


  • Warmth

    1/5 3/5 5/5
  • Breathability

    1/5 3/5 5/5

Ratings & Reviews

3 Ratings
  • Jamil Alhassan Avatar
    Jamil Alhassan

    Really great for my kiddos they love them


  • Nicole Butterfield Avatar
    Nicole Butterfield

    I bought this tube for my nephew and he loves it! He rocks the Lego design, which is perfect for a 6 year old. No more red, cold neck for the little dude. 10/10 would recommend.


  • Joanna Dzierzawski Avatar
    Joanna Dzierzawski

    These are perfect for the less cold days. They still keep my neck/face warm and covered, but not quite as thick. I love all the pattern options! (I am a small adult female, the regular ones are too big for me & these fit great!)


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