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Mistral Double Tube Indy

Versatile enough to weather warm spring days and cool winter nights, the Water Repellent / Freeze Resistant Mistral Double Tube has been redesigned to accommodate an ergonomic tapered neckline to increase protective coverage while reducing bunching and improving comfort.

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  • Anti-Phreeze

  • Anti-Phunk

  • Easy Breathe

  • Helmet Friendly

  • Max Wicking

  • UPF 50+

  • Wicking


  • Warmth

    1/5 3/5 5/5
  • Breathability

    1/5 3/5 5/5

Ratings & Reviews

3 Ratings
  • Lyndsey Stevens Avatar
    Lyndsey Stevens

    Great double layer for added warmth while still providing breathability. Extremely comfortable fit. The fabric is soft and does not irritate my sensitive skin. The awesome pattern is an added bonus.


  • Kubs1 Avatar

    These tubes always seem to be the perfect fit and function with the coolest designs. I wear the single tube on warm days, the fleece tube on really cold days and the double seems to do the trick for everything in between. I love that they stay dry and don’t stretch out.


  • Brock Butterfield Avatar
    Brock Butterfield

    Perfect for if you run cold or ride in places like Montana. This has bailed me out on many early morning snowmobile rides out to the zone. No more frozen snot rockets upon arrival!


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