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Mistral Double Ballerclava® Flamixel

Quickly becoming one of our best selling models, we’ve enhanced the design of the Mistral Double Ballerclava® by applying the same tapered neckline as the Mistral Double Tube, and updated the head panels with a fleecy material that features Sorbtek® wicking technology for increased comfort through moisture management.

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  • Anti-Phreeze

  • Anti-Phunk

  • Easy Breathe

  • Helmet Friendly

  • Max Wicking

  • UPF 50+


  • Warmth

    1/5 3/5 5/5
  • Breathability

    1/5 3/5 5/5

Ratings & Reviews

0 Ratings
  • Stacy G Avatar
    Stacy G

    Absolutely love this ballerclava! I use it on spring days and the coldest winter days. Very functional and so soft!


  • Jack Avatar

    Bought one last season randomly in a shop and love it. Can't find it locally so I'm here to buy another for a backup. Best balaclava on the market for sure.


  • Stevie Lund Avatar
    Stevie Lund

    So stylish and so phunkshunal! Prefect protection from the sun, wind and still breathable.


  • Mason Pfaffmann Avatar
    Mason Pfaffmann

    I love everything about this. The color is beautiful and you will always be able to find it in your pack to wear. Its warm without being too hot and the face cover comes down easily.


  • Warren Doyle Avatar
    Warren Doyle

    This is my favorite facemask on the market! It is perfect for the cold days ripping around the resort. It fits great, keeps me warm, stays dry, and is really breathable. 10/10 would recommend. I have a bunch of them!


  • Joanna Dzierzawski Avatar
    Joanna Dzierzawski

    So warm & cozy! Love my face mask


  • Cody C. Avatar
    Cody C.

    I'm not a fan of chunky masks, so this one is my go-to! I use it everyday, not matter the temp. Breathable, lightweight, and fits my head super well. Also, can't beat having a mask that's sustainable and fully made in the US.


  • Omar Iglesias Avatar
    Omar Iglesias

    I appreciate the willingness and the team educating me on how to properly wear this product. It has helped me keep warm and others in our crew! Thank you!


  • Keith Rodney Avatar
    Keith Rodney

    This is my go to for warmth and function. I’m on snow for many days all day. It is very comfortable for the long hall.


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