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Customized Product Program Terms Acknowledgment

We’re excited to be working with you on your Custom Phunkshun Wear Product! Before we get started, we need to go over some program terms and details, please review the below carefully and acknowledge each point before signing and submitting. Once a completed agreement has been received, we’ll be in touch to get started on the next step!

Custom Product Terms
Production Tolerance:
Overruns and underruns of 5 percent are understood to be acceptable. Completed orders will be charged according to the actual amount of product thatis shipped. Every effort is made to only produce the quantity of goods that has been ordered to the best of our abilities.
Phunkshun Wear Logo:
The Phunkshun Wear logo is required to appear in it's standard placement (high on the left cheek) in a manner that compliments the design. If requested, Phunkshun Wear will remove their logo at the cost of an additional $1 charge per item. Removing Phunkshun Wear logo tag from goggle covers is not possible.
Production lead-time:
Order will typically ship 30-60 days after final artwork approval. Any modifications to order, artwork, or otherwise will impact production timeline and delay ship date. During busy times of year, production timeline may be extended.
Artwork Placement & Design Fees:
Phunkshun Wear will provide a limited amount of design services of up to 1 hour of artwork/logo placement services at no charge. Additional time will be billed at a rate of $100 per hour. If graphic design services are requested, they will be billed at a rate of $100 per hour.
Rush Fees:
Depending on production capacity it may be possible to expedite production by placing a 'rush' order for an additional cost. If artwork approval is received outside the standard production lead time in relation to your 'need-by' date, your order will require rush charges. Rush charges are to-be-determined based on quantities and production timeline requested.
Physical Samples are strongly recommended for all orders. Standard pricing is $40 per sample, subject to additional fees if rush service is requested. If physical samples are not ordered, Phunkshun Wear is not responsible for any issues regarding color, asset placement, artwork, or graphic design.